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Abraham teaches us again and again that the most powerful, and therefore the most important Universal Law, is the Law of Attraction stated thus:

That which is like unto itself is drawn.

Abraham then goes on to teach us that our emotions will tell us whether we are attracting that which we DO want or that which we DO NOT want.

There are in fact only two emotions: good and bad.

So, if you are feeling bad, then you are attracting ( by thinking and focusing)on what you do not want.

And if you feel good, then you are attracting that which you do want.

And that is why Abraham teaches that nothing is as important than that you FEEL GOOD…because that indicates that you are in the process of attracting that which you want.

And if you truly understand Law of Attraction, you can then relax into your good feeling feelings and know, without a doubt, that what you want is on its way…….without a doubt!

When I travel, I seem to love taking pictures of doors…..Dublin was spectacular with the brightly painted Gerogian doorways. These doors are all from one street, directly across from the Irish Parliament buildings.