With the right remedy homeopathy, just like spirituality, gives me another view on reality of people and events. You see and experience something that cannot be perceived with the naked eye and normal observations: reality and your true self.

    Life becomes more interesting, your spirit freer and wiser.You feel yourself more at home in this world and see life from another perspective.

    By a mysterious force your fears disappear, even when you have to face death. The quality of life becomes better. You become happier because you know which side to look to.

    The veil of your soul is lifted, you come into harmony with yourself.

    Your religious consciousness changes: the soul commands the body. That means an acceptance of the state you’re in and being open to new possibilities.

    Summarized: homeopathy places your life in a greater, more meaningful connection and teaches you, if necessary, to make other, less obvious choices “free as a bird in the sky”. It helps you to discover your inner space and to face the challenge of standing up and going your own way.

    This and a lot more means homeopathy to me.

-Foreward by Mieke Van Peursem, from”Secret Lanthanides” by Jan Scholten (2005)