We are all Toltecs.

We are all artists of our Souls.

We are all born into the dream of this planet, and then strive for freedom. The planet is perfect, we are perfect- we just have learned to distort the light as we have been taught.

And then, we may come across a teaching, a moment of grace, where we are offered another view point, another possibility. Could it be that our word, our words could actually create?

That is our purpose- to be master creators. We can allow the true world to emerge-  one where we are the master director of our own movie, and all others are secondary characters. We have been seeing the world through a filter, a veil, and once that is pierced…….the glory of the spiritual world can shine through.

We are all Lovers and Magicians. There is nothing so sweet as to walk through the world seeing it through the eyes of love, rather than through the eyes of fear. The colours are brighter, the fragrances are sweeter, the light is softer.

Law of Attraction then brings to us more to enjoy, more to appreciate- it starts to become a self-fulfilling cycle. The more we look to appreciate and love, the more we start to find. Freedom from the dream of the planet, the mitote, the voices in our head that are not US.

The non-physical teachers collectively known as Abraham tell us to be aware of our emotions- they guide us to the truth of who we really are. The happier we feel, the more we are living our truth. Negative emotions can be consciously handled by choosing thoughts that give relief: that is our mastery- we CAN choose our thoughts, our focus. And that focus will start to diffuse the light and what we perceive.

The healing of our planet does not take place on the physical plane- that is the reflection of our collective thoughts. The healing of our planet takes place on the spiritual plane first- us- and then it will be the reflection of our collective thoughts. Nothing is broken, nothing needs to be fixed: we simply need to reclaim our birthright of freedom from the dream, and know that we are meant to be happy.