March 2008

Have you ever had something manifest that made you laugh?

Had something show-up that you didn’t realize you had desired?

I recently had such an experience…

I was at the gym grooving to the music on my iPod. I had the iPod which is the Classic tucked into my waistband. I had to use the restroom, went in pulling down my pants as I started to sit……and my iPod flipped out of the waistband….right into the toilet!!! I sat there in shock, pulled it out, turned it off, and saw the screen filling up with water.

I went home and searched the Internet to see what to do! I love my music while exercising…. found that I had to let it dry, maybe for a week, and then turn it on.

I kept positive thoughts the whole time, didn’t complain to anyone and only told a few friends while trying to keep it light.

I waited the week, turned it on, and it worked! But I discovered that it only worked while plugged in.

And then a friend said to me ” Hey, I have a iPod Nano that I don’t use any more- you can have it!”

I laughed as I realized that about three months previous, I was looking for someway to wear the Classic on my arm, but it is too big- a Nano is the only way.

So now I have TWO iPods: one to attach to my living room stereo, and the other, the Nano, to wear around my arm while walking, running and working out.

I am amazed at how Source knew what I wanted, and brought it to me with no effort (or extra cost!).

When a child has a dream and a parent says, “It’s not financially feasible; you can’t make a living at that; don’t do it,” we say to the child, run away from home… You must follow your dream. You will never be joyful if you don’t. Your dream may change, but you’ve got to stay after your dreams. You have to. — Abraham

    I find that the daily quotes from Abraham-Hicks very often intersect with my life quite well. I am sitting here awaiting the arrival of my two oldest children- one from far away in the UK and one who lives nearby.
    I remember well both being pregnant with them and then as sweet yet feisty children. They are both now young adults who have followed their dreams- their father, step-father, “deputy- mom” nor I interfered.
    The eldest pursued an honours English degree, then started a Master’s in English, then changed to Journalism and then decided on Law. Each degree moved her to another city across our very large country. She completed her law degree, met and then married a wonderful young man who is a pilot in the RAF, and they now live and work in the UK.
    Her younger sister traveled with her high school sweet-heart for two years after high school, and then decided to return and start university- her dream was to become a vet, and she with 51% in high school math!! She went to adult upgrading school,did her Grade 12 math and biology, and got accepted into our most prestigious university. She completed her BA in Biology, decided that she was too soft -hearted around animals, and completed her next degree in Education. For the last two years, she has taught high-school sciences. And then last summer, she announced to us that she was going to pursue getting into medical school and started studying for the entrance exams. Next thing we knew, she was selected for an interview, and now she is waiting to hear if she has been accepted. Oh yes, she ended up marrying her high school sweetheart along the way.
    We provided them with good homes, healthy living, and most importantly I realize now, the confidence and support to follow their dreams. I am looking forward to spending the next two days with these amazing young ladies.

The one who fears something the most is the one who has it most activated in their vibration. And so, it is logical that they would experience it. — Abraham

    In some ways, this post will discuss the the most challenging concept in regards to the Law of Attraction- when life provides us with evidence of being the “victim”. For the Law of Attraction states “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” It is lovely to work with this concept when desiring beautiful things, relationships, travel destinations, money…and they manifest. It is much more challenging to accept this concept when illness happens, things go wrong, or “disaster” strikes.
    But a law is a law, and Abraham teaches that there is just ONE universal law: the Law of Attraction. And this law is non-discriminatory – it will bring to you what you don’t want just as easily as that which you do want. How to reconcile those events one reads about in the news with this law? How to make sense of what appears as senseless and random events where one person clearly appears, from our vantage point, to have been a “victim”?
    This is what I understand at this point in my journey: Infants and children are affected by the thoughts and fears of their primary caretakers, adults attract based on their own thoughts and fears. For that which one fears and dwells upon will generate enough “pulling power” over time to bring it to you. Fear of robbery, bodily attack, germs, diseases, etc. all will manifest over time if one holds those thoughts with emotion.
    Being a victim is therefore only the final outcome of many generations of victims before you. When I survey the state of our planet, I see pockets of people who have inherited “victim-hood” from their parents, and grandparents before them. For we will believe what we see and experience as being our truth until someone “wakes up” and sees the Truth. And all it takes is one person……who shows it to another and another. In my lifetime, I have witnessed such a thing happen in Northern Ireland, the former Soviet Union, and the falling of the Berlin Wall.
    We are NOT victims, unless we choose to be one. We are powerful co-creators. When we see things we don’t like or that we fear, we have a choice: to become victims of that fear, or to decide to choose what we DO want. And if we hold the thought of what we do want, we will then start to create, and then to manifest, what the contrast has shown us.
    For example, when I reflect over the state of Israel and Gaza and Palestine, I see much conflict and people in pain and confusion and anger and fear. I could spend many hours debating with others about who is right, who is wrong, engaging in debate that usually turns heated, and can turn ugly. And groups spring up that are “anti” this and “anti ” that. For what one “pushes” against, draws more of it to you.
    Or I could look at what the contrast is making me desire: more peace and understanding in the world, more freedom, more tolerance, the allowing of all people to worship their own faith, more patience, more love, more empowerment for people. Do you see the difference?

This post is dedicated to my son who sees the contrast with such passion and desires to be a powerful creator of peace and understanding.

I wrote this article a few years back. As I study the teachings of Abraham, I am struck with the idea of our constantly being presented with contrast, and out of that we “shoot out rockets of desires”. Looking back on this experience 20 years later, I can see now how powerful these rockets can be.

During the 1980’s while I was working as a community midwife, a young woman having her second baby was visiting me for a prenatal checkup- she was due in a few weeks. I was feeling her belly to see where the baby was lying and was having a hard time determining which end was the baby’s head. We arranged a visit to her doctor, and then for an ultrasound. Imagine our horror, when it was shown that the baby’s head had not formed at all- a rare condition known as anencephaly. Our collective horror stems from the fact that these babies have been referred to as “monsters” in the medical and nursing literature.

This experience led to my writing a letter to Dr. Harry Oxorn MD, an obstetrician, and author of a standard medical text entitled “Human Labor and Birth.” I received a letter back, with his profuse apologies, saying that he would remove that offensive term from his upcoming(1986) edition.

My client had her labour induced, and spent two days waiting for things to be “ripe” to actually go into labour. What a poignant time! Imagine birthing knowing that your baby will die in the first couple days. Add to that the underpinning of having heard and read that your baby is known as an ancephalic monster. Imagine how we all felt, the medical and nursing staff, anticipating that a monster was soon to be born.

On the third day, her waters were “broken” and serious labour ensued. We had many staff during those long days and nights- some sympathetic, some fearful, some critical, “Why did you not have an early ultrasound?” Finally, late on the third day, an 8-pound baby girl was born. The mother had asked me to see her first to let her know how she looked. And, oh my, what a sweet face and rosebud lips, but the entire back of her head was missing with only a small amount of exposed brain tissue. I had brought a pink cap and blanket from home, dressed her, and handed her to her mom. With the hat on, she looked just like a “normal” baby. She died three days later in her father’s arms.

There was a funeral for the baby with many friends and relatives in attendance. Her parents returned home to spend the next few months quietly grieving her short life. I spent many hours both on the phone and visiting them in person helping them integrate this experience into their lives.

It wasn’t until a few years later, while studying with Oxorn and Foote’s “Human Labor and Birth”, that I glanced at the section on anencephaly. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I saw the picture of a baby with the back of its head missing, and read the description of an “anencephalic monster”. I couldn’t breathe and I felt such rage at the inhuman term. I picked up a pen and wrote a letter to Dr. H. Oxorn, care of his publisher.

I asked him if he had ever thought about the fact that most parents start to fall in love with their baby while he/she is still in utero. That the soon-to- be child starts to have a life, a future, and a past all at once before birth. How DARE he and all other writers of textbooks refer to these babies as “monsters”! What on earth could be gained by perpetuating that term? I posted the letter the next day feeling that I had been through a great catharsis.

Imagine my surprise when a month or so later, I received a letter from Dr. H Oxorn. In it, he apologized for not having given more thought to the offensiveness of using the word “monster”. He explained that the term had its origins in the Middle Ages, and certainly had no place in this present day and age. He was in the process of completing a new edition (1986) of his book, and would change it. I wept while reading his letter.

Since 1986, when student midwives, nurses and doctors study birth defects in “Human Labor and Birth” they are not reading about an anencephalic monster, but are reading about a baby with anencephaly. The words we use are very powerful. I encourage parents, midwives, nurse, doctors and others to correct a perceived wrong. It takes the willingness to take pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and to write from the heart. I noticed with gratitude that a baby born recently with “two” heads was not referred to as a monster, but as a baby. I felt that the mother, her baby, Dr. Oxorn, and I had played a small role in effecting that change.

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The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff — it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.-Abraham

    Well. this is fine and good, but how do you get to the place of feeling joy when you are looking at your bills or bank balance, and wanting to buy those lovely new spring shoes. That is the crux of the teachings of Abrham,Eckhard Tolle and other wonderful spiritual teachers. Where IS that joy?
    “Abraham”, those ineffable non-physical teachers, give us in my opinion the clearest and most practical teachings on how to allow joy to flow through us. For that is what this truly is – not looking for the joy, but ALLOWING the joy. And by allowing the joy, the money and the stuff you desire, just ……appears!
    But the real secret is this: the stuff does not really matter as much any more because you thought that they would bring the joy….but the JOY was there all the time, just waiting for you to allow it to flow through you.

Rara Avis: \RAIR-uh-AY-vis\, noun;
plural rara avises \RAIR-uh-AY-vuh-suhz\ or rarae aves \RAIR-ee-AY-veez\:A rare or unique person or thing.

He was, after all, that rara avis, a Jewish Catholic priest with a wife and children.
— Jeremy Sams, “Lorenzo the magnificent”, Independent, May 16, 2000

Rara avis. You’d have to go far and wide to find someone like that, especially in these times.
— Andrew Holleran, In September, the Light Changes

Rara avis is Latin for “rare bird.”

    I have been blessed in my life to know some rarae aves.
    My husband is certainly one- He has been the most amazing father and partner: I came into our relationship with two little girls, and when we discovered we were going to have our own child quite early on, he immediately sold his sports car and came home with one of the first min-vans on the market. He took to being the parent of three, and then four, little children with great aplomb. Not a year has gone by without our visiting Disneyland, and he still loves going on all the rides with our last child. He is a fantastic cook, loves to explore the world with me, and, after 21 years, I am still in love with him!
    My best friend is also a rara avis. We met over my buying her organic pies, and somehow discovered we both came from the same city 3000 miles away; not only that, we had gone to the same high school although quite a few years apart! She has always championed that each of us needs to find our own truth, and to not perpetuate the past. She is funny, fierce, passionate, artistic and playful: she spent an entire weekend with me organizing my overwhelming clutter. She has shared my grief as well as my joys, and fits into no-one else’s mold. A rara avis indeed!
    For those of you that watched “The New Earth” class last night with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah ( well, I just got the first 15 minutes and then lost the connection), you heard Eckhart talk about the importance of sitting still, even for just 15 minutes a day, and quieting the mind- meditation. I have tried to do this for many years on and off with varying degrees of success. And then one day, something extraordinary happened, and now, those 15 minutes, sometimes longer, are the most delicious part of my day. When I recently read this on the Abraham Forum, I read in words what I now experience- my fervent desire is that you do too!!

    When Esther first began meditating..
    It was so much more love than she’d ever felt that
    she didn’t know what she was feeling
    it was cellular love
    it was a love so thorough, so complete, so wrapped through her that she thought she was having a heart attack,
    it was love that was so pervasive she didn’t know what to do with it
    she couldn’t describe it, she couldn’t label it, she couldn’t contain it

    It was bigger than she was consciously and vibrationally ready even to endure,
    a love so great she couldn’t quantify it or understand it

    And in time, little by little by little, she and so many others of you have raised your vibration until you feel on a very constant basis that love wrapping through you.-Abraham

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