April 2008

This is one of those words that I know I have read, but never really knew what it meant. Somehow I thought it meant “hard to understand” That is kind of funny since it ends up that I did not understand it!

ubiquitous \yoo-BIK-wih-tuhs\, adjective:

Existing or being everywhere, or in all places, at the same time.

In spite of the ubiquitous beggars, gypsies and ‘naked urchins’, Skopje was an attractive town in the early part of the century.
— Anne Sebb

Some of you may have noticed the absence of posts these last two weeks- I was under the weather with a nasty virus that has been ubiquitous where I live. It was lovely to see that people still came to visit my blog even when I was curled up on the couch.

Many of the words that come into my inbox I already know. Some I have never heard of before. And then there are those that I THOUGHT I knew, but when I read the definition, realize that I didn’t. This is one of those words- it rhymes with “unfortunate”- I probably have always thought it meant that or something like it. Being the mother of four children, this is a wonderful word!

importunate \im-POR-chuh-nit\, adjective:

Troublesomely urgent; overly persistent in request or demand; unreasonably solicitous.

An emperor penguin in captivity starved to death by feeding all his rations — about six pounds of fish daily — to an importunate chick.
— Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson,The Emperor’s Embrace

Being sick is bad enough, but being sick while vacationing in one of the world’s most lovely cities is even worse. I went to San Francisco last week with my family, staying at an amazing hotel where the two Cable Car lines meet. And I arrived with a scratchy cough that eventually ended up being a sinusitis, astounding cough and two weepy eyes…no fun!

Abraham teaches to reach for a better feeling thought- all I could think of was “this won’t last and one day I will be well again”. However, waking up each morning with a headache and sore neck and shoulder from sitting up all night so as not to cough, made it an amazing challenge. But despite being sick, I still got out each day, rode the cable cars, shopped, ate, and tried my best to not let it get me down. I tried to keep up a brave front, while at times really wishing I was at home in my own bed.

Now that I am home, and well on the mend (thanks to a homeopathic remedy that finally stopped the paroxysmal coughing fits), I found this in “Ask and it is Given” by Abraham-Hicks:

The more your practice appreciation, the less resistance you will have in you own vibrational frequencies. And the less resistance you have, the better your life will be. The more you find something to appreciate, the better it feels; the better it feels the more you want to do it; the more you do it the better it feels; the better it feels… the more you want to do it. The Law of Attraction assists with the powerful momentum of these positive thoughts and feelings until, with very little time and effort, you will find your heart singing in your joyous alignment with who you really are.

What is a Rampage of Appreciation?

It is a game that can be played anywhere and at any time because it is a game that is easily played by directing pleasant thoughts in your mind. If you were to write your thoughts on paper, it would enhance this process, but it is not necessary.

Begin by looking around your immediate environment and gently notice something that pleases you. Try to hold your attention on this pleasing object as you consider how wonderful, beautiful or useful it is. And as you focus upon it longer, your positive feelings about it will increase.

The more you practice appreciation, the less resistance you will have in your own vibrational frequencies. And the less resistance you have, the better your life will be.

And so right now, I appreciate my clear sinuses, I appreciate having no pain in my neck and shoulders, I appreciate hardly coughing at all. I appreciate my family who put up with my coughing at night in one hotel room. I appreciate being home and sleeping in my own bed; at the same time, I appreciate the wonderful hotels we stayed at while in San Francisco. I appreciate the gift of homeopathy that always comes through to help me heal gently and deeply. And I appreciate life and all the myriad contrasts that come my way- that way, I get a chance to grow in appreciation.