Meditation for me is an inward journey- one where I let go of the daily concerns and activities, and one where I allow a connection to Source to develop. The more active, guided meditations are lovely, yet they are too much “doing” for me. I am so busy all day long- taking care of kids, husband, friends, my business, household etc. that this 20 minutes or longer are necessary for me to connect with ME/Source/Infinite Being/God.

In the creation story the earth was made in six days- the seventh day was designated the day of “rest”, the day where we could experience tranquility, serenity, and peace. In Jewish mysticism, this seventh day (called the Sabbath) is to be a delight- a day where you get a taste of “the world to come”.

The mystics go on to even describe a relationship where Source(God) is actually longing for a relationship with each of us, but because of our busyness during the week waits for us each seventh day. They liken it to a wedding where the groom waits longingly for its bride.

And then- the entire week is spent looking and longing for the Sabbath rest- the day when our connection to Source can be felt and delighted in.

Here we are in the 21st century, and so many of us have been searching for this peace and connection throughout our lives. Abraham has come to us though Esther, and also teaches that the most important relationship is the one between you and YOU/Source/Infinite Being/God. But rather than be framed by traditional religion, Abraham is giving us a revolutionary message- you don’t have to wait until Friday, Saturday or Sunday- we can have that connection every day, every moment if you wish- by releasing resistance, and allowing it.

So for me, the time I spend in meditating is my personal “Sabbath”- where I let go,renew my soul, discover who I really am, and experience how much I am loved.