defenestrate \dee-FEN-uh-strayt\, transitive verb:

To throw out of a window.

Some of his apparent chums . . . would still happily defenestrate him if they caught him near a window.
— Andrew Marr, “No option bar the radical one”, Independent, July 5, 1994

I defenestrated a clock to see if time flies!
— Lane Smith, quoted in “Who’s News”, Time for Kids, September 25, 1998

From my high school French, I know that “fenetre” means “window” so this word now makes sense. But honestly, did you know that this word even existed in English? Hmmm…I have to mull over whether I have ever defenestrated (or wanted to) something……..perhaps an annoying alarm clock? A importunate infant (see April 8)???

At Sixth and Howard in San Francisco “Defenestration”:

There are those moments in life when an all pervasive peace prevails. It is much like when Yahweh, on the seventh day, looked over all of creation and said ” It is Good, Tov!” And then rested.

I woke up this morning feeling that goodness… I looked around me and said ” It is good, and I am happy.”


I planted my small flower plots on my deck yesterday- that deck was just a vision in my mind’s eye last May, and this May it is now built and I can sit out an enjoy the surrounding trees.

I paid off my credit card bill yesterday, and there is still money left in my checking account. A month ago, my financial reality was looking grim, but again, in my mind I knew prosperity was to come. And an investment grew to the point where I could draw some money out yesterday to pay those pressing bills.

When I was a child, I played piano non-stop. When we moved at age 10, I stopped lessons. Yesterday, I took my first piano lesson in 45 years, and loved it. I am back to sitting in those quiet moments and playing music.

Our cold, rainy spring will change today- already I can see the sun starting to come up and the forecast is for sunny and hot. Not only that, we are starting a long-weekend here where I live. Can you imagine that??

My dear friend is coming to spend time with me this weekend and we are off to the spa this afternoon for some pampering, and then off to a dinner at another friend’s home to watch the sunset and welcome the Sabbath.

My children are all well, my husband is off in a foreign land with our oldest son exploring and enjoying life, and…. It is good and I am happy.

I have to admit- I was curious to find out how it would end. When two people have conflicting desires, who will win out. Here is my story:

We just celebrated Mother’s Day in North America, and a tradition for those of us that live far from our mothers is to send flowers. Every time I do so, my mother calls me to say that she received them, but that I was far too extravagant. In the beginning of this yearly exchange, I used to feel hurt; now I understand her “post Depression” mentality.

So this year, I chose not to send flowers but a basket of plants that I ordered over the internet. I spoke to my mom the day before Mother’s Day and at the end of the conversation she admonished me: ” Now remember, no extravagant flowers for Mother’s Day! Save your money!” I wondered then how her and my desires could both be fulfilled. I could not have organized what transpired next.

When she did not call me to thank me on Mother’s Day, and then tell me that I should not have done so, I called the florist who told me that they had lost a whole bunch of internet orders and that her basket was not delivered. I laughed and thought to myself- she won! I told them to just cancel my order.

Well…… I just got a call back from the florist- they want to deliver flowers now to my mother at no cost to me as an apology for losing my order. I couldn’t stop laughing as it dawned on me that we were BOTH going to get our desires….my giving her flowers, and she knowing that I had not spent any money on them.

Here is a word that I KNOW I never knew what it meant.

parsimonious \par-suh-MOH-nee-uhs\, adjective:

Sparing in expenditure; frugal to excess.

His mother became increasingly parsimonious over the years, and even if there were a good doctor around she did not like to pay one.
— Willard Sterne Randall, George Washington: A Life

I also found out that in penal theory and the philosophy of punishment, parsimony (pahr’-suh-moh-nee]) refers specifically to taking care in the distribution of punishment in order to avoid excessive punishment- the theme of “sparing” is present in both definitions.

What an interesting word, and fun to say- try it. And I wonder if an opportunity will arise today to actually use it in conversation- let me know!

I discovered homeopathy over 25 years ago, and all my family now chooses homeopathy to help them keep well, and to treat aliments as they come up. I have been made aware recently that, in the UK primarily, there is a concerted attempt by those who call themselves skeptics to attack homeopaths and homeopathy in general. They seem to believe that science and the scientific method is the only way to determine truth and that homeopathy does not stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

What has been upsetting to me is the vitriol and what I call “swarming” that happens on some of the anti-homeopathy blogs. It is ugly and angry. It is easy to get caught up in defending one’s position, and the anger and frustration builds up even more. I am sure that people on both sides of the question spend many hours writing in these blogs to present their point of view.

I opened up a book yesterday, Lights of Holiness by Abraham Isaac Kook, that spoke to my heart and to this situation :

It is an art of great enlightenment to purge anger from the heart entirely, to look with a benevolent eye, with compassionate concern, without reservation. It is to emulate the eye of God that focuses only on the good.

Whoever reflects on divine ideas in their purity cannot hate or despise any creature or talent in the world, since everything manifests the grandeur and might of the action of God.

Hatred, sternness and irritability result from forgetting God, and the extinguishing of the light of holiness.

Here is a lovely posting I found today that is a wonderful testament to homeopathy:

My family have used homeopathy and herbs for generations which has kept us well and healthy. None of us has needed any conventional medicine including vaccinations in decades including my father who at 90 was still gardening eight hours a day.

Just like the Queen when we travel abroad I take my little box of remedies which deals with all those nasty bugs like Hep A and diseases like Malaria. If it is good enough for HRH it is good enough for me.

For all the skeptics out there have a look at the figures for the cholera epidemic in London in the mid 1800s when hundreds and hundreds of people died in the conventional hospitals compared to the homeopathic hospital where the death rate was next to none. What more proof do you need????

I will stick with my homeopathy thank you and stay drug free unlike the rest of my pensioner friends who take a cocktail of drugs for their aches and pains, diabetes, high blood pressure etc., etc.,

For those of you who want drugs and all their side effects good luck to you, you have the freedom to chose that path if you really want to, that is your choice. I am sure you will agree that the important thing is that we all have freedom of choice on how we wish to look after our health.

The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork raise- from the Teachings of Abraham

A few years ago now, I picked up Eckhard Tolle’s new book ” A New Earth”. I had read “The Power of Now” and even seen him talk at one of his last public events. I experienced a deep sense of stillness and peace emanate from him. And I wanted to find out more about how to achieve that place.

Last year, I offered a course where I live on his teachings blended with the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements.” Over two months, ten people studied with me- we went week by week over the four agreements, listened to music, and tried to carve out two hours where we could start the journey towards finding joy and freedom.

For me, it is also about finding those magic moments in life where you feel really alive and excited. Or where you make a heart connection with someone, even a stranger. I was walking on the trail near my home the other day, and I saw a young women in front of me stop and give this big tree a hug. It was a lovely moment, and when I found myself catching up to her, I asked her if she was from where I live. She said “no”, that she lived 3000 miles away, but that she had lived here in the early 90’s. I confessed that I had witnessed her embrace, and she looked embarrassed. I said ” I just wanted to tell you about Opa- the 1000 year old tree nearby- friends have built a bench around him whereby you can lean back and look way up through his sky high branches.” We laughed as I gave her directions, and then chatted a bit more… and then gave each other a lovely hug and went our separate ways.

After living like I do, surrounded by nature and trees like Opa, the stillness that I witnessed in Eckhard has started to be experienced- I love now waking up early, seeing the sky beginning to lighten, and enjoy a few hours of extreme quietness before the busyness of my day begins.

The one who fears something the most is the one who has it most activated in their vibration. And so, it is logical that they would experience it. — Abraham

    In some ways, this post will discuss the the most challenging concept in regards to the Law of Attraction- when life provides us with evidence of being the “victim”. For the Law of Attraction states “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” It is lovely to work with this concept when desiring beautiful things, relationships, travel destinations, money…and they manifest. It is much more challenging to accept this concept when illness happens, things go wrong, or “disaster” strikes.
    But a law is a law, and Abraham teaches that there is just ONE universal law: the Law of Attraction. And this law is non-discriminatory – it will bring to you what you don’t want just as easily as that which you do want. How to reconcile those events one reads about in the news with this law? How to make sense of what appears as senseless and random events where one person clearly appears, from our vantage point, to have been a “victim”?
    This is what I understand at this point in my journey: Infants and children are affected by the thoughts and fears of their primary caretakers, adults attract based on their own thoughts and fears. For that which one fears and dwells upon will generate enough “pulling power” over time to bring it to you. Fear of robbery, bodily attack, germs, diseases, etc. all will manifest over time if one holds those thoughts with emotion.
    Being a victim is therefore only the final outcome of many generations of victims before you. When I survey the state of our planet, I see pockets of people who have inherited “victim-hood” from their parents, and grandparents before them. For we will believe what we see and experience as being our truth until someone “wakes up” and sees the Truth. And all it takes is one person……who shows it to another and another. In my lifetime, I have witnessed such a thing happen in Northern Ireland, the former Soviet Union, and the falling of the Berlin Wall.
    We are NOT victims, unless we choose to be one. We are powerful co-creators. When we see things we don’t like or that we fear, we have a choice: to become victims of that fear, or to decide to choose what we DO want. And if we hold the thought of what we do want, we will then start to create, and then to manifest, what the contrast has shown us.
    For example, when I reflect over the state of Israel and Gaza and Palestine, I see much conflict and people in pain and confusion and anger and fear. I could spend many hours debating with others about who is right, who is wrong, engaging in debate that usually turns heated, and can turn ugly. And groups spring up that are “anti” this and “anti ” that. For what one “pushes” against, draws more of it to you.
    Or I could look at what the contrast is making me desire: more peace and understanding in the world, more freedom, more tolerance, the allowing of all people to worship their own faith, more patience, more love, more empowerment for people. Do you see the difference?

This post is dedicated to my son who sees the contrast with such passion and desires to be a powerful creator of peace and understanding.

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