To nourish the spiritual center in the heart of the seeker and to cultivate the first level of mystic consciousness, members of the community of Safed followed a course of instruction laid out by their teacher, Moses Cordovero. It consisted of:

1. Forbearance in the face of insult
2. Patience in enduring evil
3. Pardon, to the point of erasing the evil suffered.
4. Total identification with one’s neighbour.
5. Complete absence of anger, combined with appropriate action.
6. Mercy, to the point of recalling only the good qualities of one’s tormentor.
7. Eliminating all traces of vengefulness.
8. Forgetting suffering inflicted on oneself by others and remembering the good.
9. Compassion for the suffering without judging them
10. Truthfulness
11.Remembering all human beings always in the innocence of their infancy.

-From Kabbalah: The Way of the Jewish Mystic