Last night I went to a potluck dinner; we have been getting together for the last 3 years or so, and it is a highlight of my month seeing my friends and their kids.  There were the “regulars” plus a few people who have not been in a long time.

While I was eating, I looked around a decided to sit down on a chair to eat- the chair beside me was empty. I decided to try something new: I said to myself ” I want the person who chooses the chair to do so because they want to learn about Law of Attraction.” And so I just sat there by myself and enjoyed eating, while watching all the activity around me.

After a few minutes, a young woman, one of the not- so -regular attendants, sat down beside me and said to me ” Are you still doing a lot of walking- because I see you all the time walking and you look fantastic. You are simply glowing- what are you doing????”  Well, talk about a segue and away we went!!!!

It turns out, she is a single mom with a lovely 5 year old daughter, and is hitting a rough patch in her life- I asked her if she had heard of the Teachings of Abraham. She had not, and then I talked about the movie “The Secret” which she had heard of and explained that its origin was a filming of an Abraham-Hicks seminar. We talked a bit more about the principles of LOA, and she was getting more and more excited, as was I.

And where we left the conversation is that she is coming over to borrow some books and CDs……and there you have it….the beginning of the Wisdom School is happening wherever I go.

I am still amazed at the simplicity and  beauty of understanding this most basic and fundamental Law of the Universe.


When did I know that Law of Attraction was real, that I had complete control over my life and my emotions? That even though I am located in this reality, the larger part of me is connected to Source, and I can always access that wisdom within me?

Could it be when my brother- in -law offered us a trip to Mexico within two weeks of my simply thinking how nice it would be to go somewhere warm over the winter school break? And then could it have been when, on the first day of the glorious vacation, he gave me my first Abraham- Hicks book to read?

So there I was, lime margarita in one hand, lounging in my oceanfront lounge chair on the Sea of Cortez, reading about the Law of Attraction. And I had never bothered to see the movie “The Secret”!!

I can tell you- the hairs on my neck started to stand on end as I read more and more of the book, eventually digging up a highlighter, and getting more and more excited as I read.  This was giving me a deep understanding of what I had experienced and wondered about all my life: How do you explain co-incidences that change your life? What about “prophetic” dreams and “chance” happenings?

I started on that vacation a journey over the last nine months that saw me start this blog, purchase all the Abraham-Hicks books there are, join the bi-monthly CD program, and become an active participant on a forum ( that discusses these concepts: the wisdom contained in these teachings is transforming my life, and the next while I will write about them on my blog.  The aspiration of my soul has called in, through the law of attraction, this infinite wisdom.

I found this little book in my library the other day- I was appreciating how amazing our cells are, noticing how they are always feeling the contrast as we do, and that, given our allowing, working to regain equilibrium. Our being in alignment- looking for better feeling thoughts- allows our bodies to do their work. My work over the years with hundreds of birthing women confirms what Ian Watson says below. My own journey to wellness confirms these thoughts. May they comfort you as well….

    When we do something fully, one hundred percent, it is finished. A fruit that is fully ripened falls to the ground by itself.

    The best midwife does nothing but catch the baby when the mother’s body is ready to release it.

    The best homeopath does nothing but create the space within which a person remembers how to heal himself.

    Ultimately, there is no such thing as cure. There is simply a self- healing process that has completed itself.- From   “The Tao of Homeopathy” by Ian Watson

    I can look back now at conflicts or difficult events that have happened in my life with a new perspective. Those events have greatly contributed to making me the person I am today. Those great contrasts caused me to send out “rockets of desire” as Abraham calls them- as I clearly saw what I did not want, I began to formulate in my mind what I DID want.

    For example, I studied many years ago to become a Registered Nurse. I loved being in the hospital and learning about the human body and helping those who were suffering. But what I really loved most was being where the babies were being born; however, when I witnessed my first few deliveries, I was appalled! What a terrible way to give birth and for the infants to come into the world- what a sterile, cold, and noisy place the “delivery rooms” were- I am talking about the early 1970’s in North America.

    Five years later I had my first child in that environment as there were almost no other options available. Even though I brought my quilt and pillows from home to cozy things up a bit, it was still an “operating room” mentality, and with nurses and doctors I barely knew. Our health care system had outlawed midwives, and had successfully “medicalized” childbirth

    So I experienced the contrast now first hand. I ended up feeling very, very unhappy about the birth experience (not about my lovely firstborn!), and I must have put out quite the rockets of desire!!

    For within the year, I was invited to teach childbirth classes. And within the next 6 months, I was invited to join a fledgling group of parents who wanted to see midwives be allowed to assist birthing families. And within 4 years, I found myself apprenticing with an amazing “underground ” midwife, and for 5 years I studied and learned myself how to be a midwife. And within 9 more years, I was able to be part of, and witness, the legalization of midwives and see them be completely integrated into our health care system.

    Now along the way, I had joy and grief: one of my clients lost her baby during the labour- out of that very difficult experience for us all, came HUGE desires to really see midwives legally practicing. So added to my desire came the desire of these amazing parents who saw the “cracks” in the system we had.

    As a result of many people-midwives, parents, doctors- women can now have their babies at home or in a hospital with experienced midwives. Those babies are now arriving into loving hands, into a cozy environment, and my desires have now been manifested. I no longer have the privilege of attending births, but I eagerly anticipate my first- born daughter (or it may be her younger sister first!) having my first grandchild…….