I discovered homeopathy over 25 years ago, and all my family now chooses homeopathy to help them keep well, and to treat aliments as they come up. I have been made aware recently that, in the UK primarily, there is a concerted attempt by those who call themselves skeptics to attack homeopaths and homeopathy in general. They seem to believe that science and the scientific method is the only way to determine truth and that homeopathy does not stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

What has been upsetting to me is the vitriol and what I call “swarming” that happens on some of the anti-homeopathy blogs. It is ugly and angry. It is easy to get caught up in defending one’s position, and the anger and frustration builds up even more. I am sure that people on both sides of the question spend many hours writing in these blogs to present their point of view.

I opened up a book yesterday, Lights of Holiness by Abraham Isaac Kook, that spoke to my heart and to this situation :

It is an art of great enlightenment to purge anger from the heart entirely, to look with a benevolent eye, with compassionate concern, without reservation. It is to emulate the eye of God that focuses only on the good.

Whoever reflects on divine ideas in their purity cannot hate or despise any creature or talent in the world, since everything manifests the grandeur and might of the action of God.

Hatred, sternness and irritability result from forgetting God, and the extinguishing of the light of holiness.

Here is a lovely posting I found today that is a wonderful testament to homeopathy:

My family have used homeopathy and herbs for generations which has kept us well and healthy. None of us has needed any conventional medicine including vaccinations in decades including my father who at 90 was still gardening eight hours a day.

Just like the Queen when we travel abroad I take my little box of remedies which deals with all those nasty bugs like Hep A and diseases like Malaria. If it is good enough for HRH it is good enough for me.

For all the skeptics out there have a look at the figures for the cholera epidemic in London in the mid 1800s when hundreds and hundreds of people died in the conventional hospitals compared to the homeopathic hospital where the death rate was next to none. What more proof do you need????

I will stick with my homeopathy thank you and stay drug free unlike the rest of my pensioner friends who take a cocktail of drugs for their aches and pains, diabetes, high blood pressure etc., etc.,

For those of you who want drugs and all their side effects good luck to you, you have the freedom to chose that path if you really want to, that is your choice. I am sure you will agree that the important thing is that we all have freedom of choice on how we wish to look after our health.