Have you ever had something manifest that made you laugh?

Had something show-up that you didn’t realize you had desired?

I recently had such an experience…

I was at the gym grooving to the music on my iPod. I had the iPod which is the Classic tucked into my waistband. I had to use the restroom, went in pulling down my pants as I started to sit……and my iPod flipped out of the waistband….right into the toilet!!! I sat there in shock, pulled it out, turned it off, and saw the screen filling up with water.

I went home and searched the Internet to see what to do! I love my music while exercising…. found that I had to let it dry, maybe for a week, and then turn it on.

I kept positive thoughts the whole time, didn’t complain to anyone and only told a few friends while trying to keep it light.

I waited the week, turned it on, and it worked! But I discovered that it only worked while plugged in.

And then a friend said to me ” Hey, I have a iPod Nano that I don’t use any more- you can have it!”

I laughed as I realized that about three months previous, I was looking for someway to wear the Classic on my arm, but it is too big- a Nano is the only way.

So now I have TWO iPods: one to attach to my living room stereo, and the other, the Nano, to wear around my arm while walking, running and working out.

I am amazed at how Source knew what I wanted, and brought it to me with no effort (or extra cost!).