The one who fears something the most is the one who has it most activated in their vibration. And so, it is logical that they would experience it. — Abraham

    In some ways, this post will discuss the the most challenging concept in regards to the Law of Attraction- when life provides us with evidence of being the “victim”. For the Law of Attraction states “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” It is lovely to work with this concept when desiring beautiful things, relationships, travel destinations, money…and they manifest. It is much more challenging to accept this concept when illness happens, things go wrong, or “disaster” strikes.
    But a law is a law, and Abraham teaches that there is just ONE universal law: the Law of Attraction. And this law is non-discriminatory – it will bring to you what you don’t want just as easily as that which you do want. How to reconcile those events one reads about in the news with this law? How to make sense of what appears as senseless and random events where one person clearly appears, from our vantage point, to have been a “victim”?
    This is what I understand at this point in my journey: Infants and children are affected by the thoughts and fears of their primary caretakers, adults attract based on their own thoughts and fears. For that which one fears and dwells upon will generate enough “pulling power” over time to bring it to you. Fear of robbery, bodily attack, germs, diseases, etc. all will manifest over time if one holds those thoughts with emotion.
    Being a victim is therefore only the final outcome of many generations of victims before you. When I survey the state of our planet, I see pockets of people who have inherited “victim-hood” from their parents, and grandparents before them. For we will believe what we see and experience as being our truth until someone “wakes up” and sees the Truth. And all it takes is one person……who shows it to another and another. In my lifetime, I have witnessed such a thing happen in Northern Ireland, the former Soviet Union, and the falling of the Berlin Wall.
    We are NOT victims, unless we choose to be one. We are powerful co-creators. When we see things we don’t like or that we fear, we have a choice: to become victims of that fear, or to decide to choose what we DO want. And if we hold the thought of what we do want, we will then start to create, and then to manifest, what the contrast has shown us.
    For example, when I reflect over the state of Israel and Gaza and Palestine, I see much conflict and people in pain and confusion and anger and fear. I could spend many hours debating with others about who is right, who is wrong, engaging in debate that usually turns heated, and can turn ugly. And groups spring up that are “anti” this and “anti ” that. For what one “pushes” against, draws more of it to you.
    Or I could look at what the contrast is making me desire: more peace and understanding in the world, more freedom, more tolerance, the allowing of all people to worship their own faith, more patience, more love, more empowerment for people. Do you see the difference?

This post is dedicated to my son who sees the contrast with such passion and desires to be a powerful creator of peace and understanding.