Rara Avis: \RAIR-uh-AY-vis\, noun;
plural rara avises \RAIR-uh-AY-vuh-suhz\ or rarae aves \RAIR-ee-AY-veez\:A rare or unique person or thing.

He was, after all, that rara avis, a Jewish Catholic priest with a wife and children.
— Jeremy Sams, “Lorenzo the magnificent”, Independent, May 16, 2000

Rara avis. You’d have to go far and wide to find someone like that, especially in these times.
— Andrew Holleran, In September, the Light Changes

Rara avis is Latin for “rare bird.”

    I have been blessed in my life to know some rarae aves.
    My husband is certainly one- He has been the most amazing father and partner: I came into our relationship with two little girls, and when we discovered we were going to have our own child quite early on, he immediately sold his sports car and came home with one of the first min-vans on the market. He took to being the parent of three, and then four, little children with great aplomb. Not a year has gone by without our visiting Disneyland, and he still loves going on all the rides with our last child. He is a fantastic cook, loves to explore the world with me, and, after 21 years, I am still in love with him!
    My best friend is also a rara avis. We met over my buying her organic pies, and somehow discovered we both came from the same city 3000 miles away; not only that, we had gone to the same high school although quite a few years apart! She has always championed that each of us needs to find our own truth, and to not perpetuate the past. She is funny, fierce, passionate, artistic and playful: she spent an entire weekend with me organizing my overwhelming clutter. She has shared my grief as well as my joys, and fits into no-one else’s mold. A rara avis indeed!