For those of you that watched “The New Earth” class last night with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah ( well, I just got the first 15 minutes and then lost the connection), you heard Eckhart talk about the importance of sitting still, even for just 15 minutes a day, and quieting the mind- meditation. I have tried to do this for many years on and off with varying degrees of success. And then one day, something extraordinary happened, and now, those 15 minutes, sometimes longer, are the most delicious part of my day. When I recently read this on the Abraham Forum, I read in words what I now experience- my fervent desire is that you do too!!

    When Esther first began meditating..
    It was so much more love than she’d ever felt that
    she didn’t know what she was feeling
    it was cellular love
    it was a love so thorough, so complete, so wrapped through her that she thought she was having a heart attack,
    it was love that was so pervasive she didn’t know what to do with it
    she couldn’t describe it, she couldn’t label it, she couldn’t contain it

    It was bigger than she was consciously and vibrationally ready even to endure,
    a love so great she couldn’t quantify it or understand it

    And in time, little by little by little, she and so many others of you have raised your vibration until you feel on a very constant basis that love wrapping through you.-Abraham