I found this little book in my library the other day- I was appreciating how amazing our cells are, noticing how they are always feeling the contrast as we do, and that, given our allowing, working to regain equilibrium. Our being in alignment- looking for better feeling thoughts- allows our bodies to do their work. My work over the years with hundreds of birthing women confirms what Ian Watson says below. My own journey to wellness confirms these thoughts. May they comfort you as well….

    When we do something fully, one hundred percent, it is finished. A fruit that is fully ripened falls to the ground by itself.

    The best midwife does nothing but catch the baby when the mother’s body is ready to release it.

    The best homeopath does nothing but create the space within which a person remembers how to heal himself.

    Ultimately, there is no such thing as cure. There is simply a self- healing process that has completed itself.- From   “The Tao of Homeopathy” by Ian Watson