Good morning!

    I have been picking up more magazines for my and my husband’s Creation Boxes. He has decided that he wants to re-do our 15 year old kitchen! He loves to cook and this process has inspired him to dream about what he wants in this new kitchen.

    I, on the other hand, keep cutting out pictures of diamond jewelery! I have never before been so interested in diamonds…..but those are the pictures that keep making feel happy, and I even went into a jewelery store the other day to look around.

    And so I have this picture in my mind of my sitting on a lovely new stool in our new kitchen wearing my diamonds and sipping my wine, watching my husband cooking on his new stove top with his new cookware! How good is that!??

    Many say, “When the condition changes, I’ll feel better. When I have more money or move into a better house, or a better mate, then I’ll feel better.” We do not disagree that it does feel better to observe something that is pleasing than something that is not, but that is going about it in a very backwards way.

    Deliberate Creation is not about the condition changing and then your finding a better feeling in response to the changed condition. Deliberate Creation is about choosing a thought that feels good when you choose it, which then causes the condition to change.

    For example, unconditional love is really about wanting so much to remain in connection with your Source of love that you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your connection, no matter what manifestations may be happening nearby. And when you are able to control your point of attraction by deliberately choosing better-feeling thoughts, the conditions that surround you have to change.
    The Law of Attraction says that they must- Abraham