Thirsting for God

Expanses divine my soul craves.
Confine me not in cages,
Or substance or of spirit.
I am love-sick —
I thirst, I thirst for God,
as a deer for water brooks.
Alas, who can describe my pain,
Who will be a violin to express the songs of my grief,
I am bound to the world,

All creatures, all people are my friends,
Many parts of my soul
Are intertwined with them,
But how can I share with them my Light?

    Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook was a mystic and a philosopher born in the middle of the 19th century. Raised in Latvia, he served as the chief rabbi of Jaffa, Palestine until his election to the chief rabbinate of Jerusalem where he served the entire Jewish community of Palestine until his death in 1935. But his true passion was as a poet and writer of volumes- he saw ” the whole universe stirred by the pulsating energies emanating from the divine source of existence.”

    His most popular book is called ” The Lights of Penitence”. Penitence, an archaic word, is used in this context as remembering who we truly are: divinely connected at all times to Source/God.

    This form of penitence dawns on a person through the grace of some inner spiritual force, whose traces point to the depth of the mysterious.

    Day by day, inspired by this higher level of general penitence, his feeling becomes more firm, clearer more illumined by reason…..His manner becomes increasingly brightened, his anger recedes, a kindly light shines on him, he is filled with vigor, his eyes sparkle with a holy fire, his heart is bathed in rivers of delight and holiness and purity hover over him.