It appears that the idea of a Magic Creation Box resonated with many of you ( including my husband who joined me in making one!). I think there is something about the word magic and creation linked together, for the idea of struggling less and enjoying life more is attractive to us all. I loved all your comments and especially loved Hanlie’s amazing oriental wooden box- it made me look at my box made from a running shoe box and laugh!!

So what do we “do” now? My pictures of furniture, cars, travel destinations, homes, jewelery, ocean vistas, friends sitting around drinking wine, luxury hotels etc. are safely ensconced in their shoe box with the words in magic marker “Whatever is contained in this box- IS!” written on top. Here is Abraham on what to do now:

If you have little or no resistance-in other words, if you have no doubt that you can achieve these things, the experience will feel invigorating to you. The more you clip, the better you will feel, and you will begin to see evidence of these things moving closer and closer into your experience. Doors will begin to open to make it possible for many of these things to easily come in right now.

We want you to feel the fun and joy of the process. Often, when you get something that you have been wanting, your feeling of elation is short-lived, but this game will give you the opportunity to savor the things that you desire longer. And then, the thrill of the manifestation, even though short, will be all the sweeter. (from “Ask and It Is Given”- by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham).

The movie and subsequent book called “The Secret” are primarily based on the teachings of Abraham as spoken and written by Esther Hicks who for twenty years have been teaching about the Law of Attraction: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” To the Hicks, and to the group of non-physical teachers who call themselves Abraham, I am eternally grateful.

Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. So, as your experience causes you to launch vibrational rockets of desires, you must then find ways of holding yourself consistently in vibrational harmony with those desires in order to receive their manifestation.

I will post more over the next while on HOW to hold yourself in “vibrational harmony” so all those wonderful things in your Magic Creation Box will come to you.