I love magazines- just ask my husband! We get delicious travel magazines sent to us by our travel agent, and I enjoy looking at all the 5 star hotels and the cruises to exotic locations. Pictures of people’s homes that overlook tropical oceans send me into daydreams of living there. And so when I came upon this idea from the book “Ask and it is Given” , I knew I had found something that would be fun for me to do. And so I am sharing it with you…..

    To begin the Creation Box process, find a nice-looking box, one that is pleasing to you when you see it. On the lid, in a conspicuous place that you will easily notice, write the words: Whatever is contained in this box-IS!

    Next, gather magazines, catalogues and brochures, and leisurely look through them for whatever you would like to include in your experience. Then clip out pictures of anything that exemplifies any desires that you hold: pictures of furniture, clothing, landscaping, buildings, travel destinations, vehicles; images of physical characteristics; photos of people interacting with one another…if it feels appealing to you in any way, clip it and drop it into your Creation Box. And say as you drop it in, “Whatever is contained in this box-IS!”

    The more things you find for your box, the more the Universe will deliver to you other ideas that match them. And the more you ideas you drop into your box, the more your desire will be focused. And the more your desire is focused, the more alive you will feel- for this Energy flowing through you is what life is.

    If you are usually a good-feeling person who has not established strong habits of feeling unhappy about not having the things you have put in your box, you will experience the immediate positive result of feeling more focused and more excited by life, and the things you have put in your Creation Box will begin to manifest in your experience right away.

    I am going to make my Creation Box today, and start clipping out those pictures from my many, many magazines and catalogues. And I would love you to join me! Please let me know, and I will post more tomorrow as well on this process.