Your emotions…Abraham teaches us that our emotions are our continual guidance system. I understand it like this.

In relation to my analogy of having little magnets embedded within me, each magnet representing a desire that I have identified, my emotions are what gives the magnets their strength to attract their equivalent to me.

Here is a scale of possible emotions from 1-22:


4.Positive expectation
10.Frustration/ Impatience/Irritation

On any topic, and at any given time, we will be somewhere on this scale. And the more we can be on the top half, the more we will attract all our heart’s desires. The more we can live our life in a state of love and appreciation, then we are clearly sailing downstream, life is essentially effortless, and all sorts of wonderful things will appear.

But this is not always possible at first- what we need to to is to stop and ask ourselves “How am I feeling right now? Angry? Jealous? ” Abraham teaches to not attempt to jump right then to love or appreciation- too big a jump. But to reach for a thought that would give you relief- even a thought that would move you up to blame is better than staying in anger. And then to reach up for another thought that may take you to disappointment.. and so on and so on.

It also seems that we have also been given an amazing tool called “sitting still for 15 minutes and breathing in and out.” Some call this meditating- for me, I call it plugging into Source and re-charging. I can be feeling anger or frustration, start this process, and within minutes, I can feel the anger lessening, and moving up towards hopefulness, then enthusiasm until finally I can reach a place of love and joy. And then I can re-enter the world in a much better mood, and those numbers start to line up again, those parking spots appear, co-incidences happen, and then I know that I have aligned myself with Source, and I am filled with enthusiasm and appreciation again.

The way you feel is a clear and accurate indication of your alignment or misalignment with your Source energy. In other words, your emotions let you know if you are allowing, or if you are in a current state of resistance to, your connection with Source.