I love words, and I love poetry. I subscribe to the Word of the Day, and this came:

magniloquent \mag-NIL-uh-kwent\, adjective:

Lofty or grandiose in speech or expression; using a high-flown style of discourse; bombastic.

Stevens did for American poetic language what Saul Bellow was to do for prose, extending its boundaries,
taking in the magniloquent, the arcane, the plainspoken, the gaudy, the low-rent.

Sunday Morning

Complancies of the peignor, and late
Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair
And the green freedom of a cockatoo
Upon a rug mingle to dissapate
The holy hush of ancient sacrifice.
She dreams a little, and she feels the dark
Encroachment of that old catastrophe,
As a calm darkens among the water-lights.
The pungent oranges and bright, green wings
Seem things in some procession of the dead,
Winding across wide water, without sound.
The day is like the wide water without sound,
Stilled for the passing of her dreaming feet
Over the seas, to silent Palestine,
Dominion of the blood and sepulchre.

Floral Decorations for Bananas
Well nuncle, this plainly won’t do.
These insolent, linear peels
And sullen, hurricane shapes
Won’t do with your eglantine.
They require something serpentine.
Blunt yellow in such a room!